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Callie is currently the Celebrity Lifestyle Intern for INSIDER, the sister website of Business Insider and a subset of Insider Inc. She publishes approximately 10-15 articles per week, which frequently intersect with wellness, lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, and culture verticals.

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In Callie's Senior Year at Boston University, she served as the Editor-in-Chief of BU's only lifestyle magazine. Under her command, The Buzz improved circulation, hired five new leadership positions, created an online Opinions Section, and totally revamped its aesthetic (including the logo). The Spring 2017 print issue heralded a new era for the decades-old magazine.

The Buzz: Spring 2017


Before serving as the Editor-in-Chief, Callie was the The Buzz's Culture Editor for two years. Below is a selection of the issues and articles she had a hand in creating.

"The Evolution of Self-Portraiture"


Fall 2016

"Coffeehouse Aesthetic"


Spring 2015


During her time as a Co-Op at, Callie wrote 5-10 pieces per week exploring New England-focused entertainment, celebrities, culture, art, food, breaking news and human interest stories. 

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