Playlist: for tie-dye summertime

When I look back on specifically-defined periods of time in my life, particularly seasons and school semesters, they always have a specific feel to them. What was I reading? Who was I seeing? What albums were released? And these characteristics, for me, combine to become a sort of smoothie mixture of emotion and memories. In my head, I see them as colors. I look back as though peering through a tinted camera lens or Instagram filter—and I know that it can't just be me because movie cinematographers use color palettes to create cohesiveness and thematic similarity all the time!!

I think it's our way of making sense out of how jumbled and confusing life really is. It helps us sort through our memories and categorize eras of selfhood. Last summer was lime green, light orange and lavender. Summer 2012 was violent red and too-bright purple. 

Because I've been going to summer camp for the past decade of my life, tie-dye is always associated with summertime. But now, faced with a summer of new experiences and lots of change, I hope to push forward keeping in mind that new is not bad and routine is not always healthy. Life can't always be neatly categorized into complimentary color combinations. Sometimes, the best we can do is throw in what we have and hope that it doesn't turn our white clothes brown. 

  1. Alabama Shakes, "Sound & Color"
  2. Troye Sivan, "YOUTH"
  3. The 1975, "The Sound"
  4. BØRNS, "Dopamine" 
  5. Halsey, "Roman Holiday"
  6. Glass Animals, "Life Itself"
  7. Beck, "Wow"
  8. Great Good Fine Ok, "You're the One for Me"
  9. Neon Indian, "Polish Girl"
  10. Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, "Side To Side"
  11. Chance the Rapper, Knox Fortune, "All Night"
  12. Justin Bieber, "Company"
  13. Baths, "You're My Excuse To Travel"
  14. Sundara Karma, "Indigo Puff"
  15. The Neighbourhood, "Cry Baby"
  16. Charli XCX, "You - Ha Ha Ha"
  17. ZAYN, "sHe"
  18. Childish Gambino, "Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)"
  19. Quinn XCII, "Another Day in Paradise"
  20. Chance The Rapper, "All We Got"