Playlist: for feeling nostalgic

So it occurred to me that it was aggressively hypocritical of me to write, in my reflection of this season's recognition theme, that it can be dangerous to start assigning specific tones and emotions to whole long-term experiences — specifically because I used a music metaphor, and if there is one skill of mine that I rely on, it's making playlists. I have a soundtrack ready-made for any kind of situation you'd imagine. "For feeling sad" is mostly a collection of The National, "Sigh No More"-era Mumford & Sons, James Vincent McMorrow, and some Sam Smith thrown in for good measure. My recent "for November" playlist is full of throbbing, moody songs I like for driving at night with the windows down/heat on full blast. 

In keeping with the current season's theme, I'd like to share my "for feeling nostalgic" playlist, which was compiled mostly by imagining myself in a relatable, coming-of-age movie (full of Sofia Coppola-level aesthetics) and imagining what would be playing in the background during some kind of montage scene (but also by remembering what my dad used to play for me when I was a tiny human, for nostalgia’s sake).

  1. Oasis, "Don't Look Back In Anger"
  2. Mac Demarco, "No Other Heart" 
  3. Beck, "Walls"
  4. The Verve, "Bittersweet Symphony" 
  5. U2, "Mysterious Ways"
  6. Kasabian, "L.S.F."
  7. Arctic Monkeys, "One For The Road"
  8. Frank Ocean, "Sweet Life" 
  9. Lana Del Rey, "Gods & Monsters"
  10. SZA, "Child's Play (feat. Chance the Rapper)"
  11.  James Blake, "Overgrown" 
  12. The Beatles, "She's Leaving Home"
  13. Beach House, "Take Care"
  14. Vampire Weekend, "Hannah Hunt"
  15. Blur, "Tender"
  16. Blind Melon, "No Rain"
  17. Bob Dylan, "Like a Rolling Stone"
  18. Lou Reed, "Walk On the Wild Side" 
  19. Bright Eyes, "First Day Of My Life"
  20. David Bowie, "Heroes"